Lifewater International | A Non-Profit Christian Water Development Organization

Providing water, health and hope since 1977

Join millions globally on Saturday, March 22nd 2014
and walk to end the world water crisis.

This year over 40 billion hours will be spent gathering water: 40 billion hours that could be spent learning, growing, living, and building stronger communities. We can change reality for thousands of lives this year in Uganda by walking to bring safe water and sanitation to communities there. Bringing hope and change that lasts to the people in the villages of OmitoAmuca, Barapwo, and Anai – people with names, favorite colors, unspoken dreams, and futures.

We can walk for them for a day and give them water for life.

Get your team, group, church, or friends together and begin doing your part to bring hope to the hard places. Click Here to Walk and here to view the walk route.

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