Why Lifewater?

Not all water projects are created equal

Thankfully, there are many Christian non-profit organizations working to impact our world for the kingdom. With nearly 40 years of experience across 40 countries, we’ve learned that it is important to do one thing and to do it really well. Here is how Lifewater is unique.

Biblical Worldview

We see people and poverty in the broader context of God’s love and restoration of broken relationships. This worldview shapes the way that we serve, the staff we hire, and our engagement with local churches in project villages.

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Remote Locations

A child dies every sixty seconds from preventable water borne diseases. Estimates suggest that 80% or more of this death happens in the rural and remote villages in our world. Places that are hard and expensive to reach. We target projects in stable regions where the most vulnerable reside.

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Providing clean water alone will not end water-borne diseases. Regrettably, most communities believe that safe water will be the solution to their problem. When combined, Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) practices can nearly eliminate water-borne diseases.

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The very vulnerable child and family that we serve must actively participate in their own change process, or it simply will not last. In every project, we work with as many different actors as is possible. These include local schools, local churches, community leaders, water committees, and local government agencies.

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Impact Data

Lifewater projects have a demonstrated ability to improve safe access to water, reduce water-borne diseases, and to make a lasting improvement in the quality of life for vulnerable populations; specifically, young girls. We measure and analyze all data to ensure that our activities are making a lasting and transformative impact.

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Appropriate Water Technology

Rather than importing foreign technology and materials to rural villages, we look for sustainable, long-lasting solutions, which utilize local ingenuity, readily available supplies, and local materials. We focus on using simple, appropriate technologies that can be successfully implemented and maintained by local leaders.

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All Lifewater project staff live and serve in the rural villages where our projects take place

Having ‘boots on the ground’ gives staff a much more realistic picture of the day-to-day struggles vulnerable children and families face overcoming water-borne diseases. All project staff are local.

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