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Annual Report FY 2017

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Over the past 40 years, Lifewater has served more than 2.5 million people with life-saving clean water, sanitation and hygiene. As we look ahead to the next forty, we’ll need to go further and deeper than ever before. We are Christians committed to ending the global water and sanitation crisis.

And we won’t stop working until every child has safe water.

A Letter from Our CEO

Three years ago, we made a direction-shaping decision for Lifewater. Instead of relying on in-country partners for program work, we shifted to Lifewater-staffed field teams. It was a big step of faith, but we are now seeing the fruit in our ability to serve more people, more effectively with consistent quality.

This change shaped our Vision of a Healthy Village, a vision that has become a reality. In 2017, we opened our sixth field office led entirely by national field staff. Combined, these teams currently reach 86,000 people every month with life-changing health & hygiene lessons any family can do. The result: nearly 4,000 healthy homes have been certified by our field staff, all tracked in real-time with our advanced cloud-based data system.

Our teams also worked alongside communities to complete 118 village water projects, the most in any fiscal year in our history. These results were made possible through the generous support of investors like you who provided a record $3.8M, an increase of 36% over the prior year. It was an honor to reach this milestone as we celebrated the life of our founder, William A. Ashe, who went to be with the Lord this past December.

As a Christian organization, we seek to join God’s redemption story already at work among the people we serve. Our partnership with the church-planting ministry CityTeam International is off to a strong start as teams work in tandem with Lifewater staff to reach unreached communities with the Gospel.

Thank you for investing in this ministry. The best is yet to come! Empowered with a replicable model, this year we plan to add two additional field offices, deploy a drilling division in Ethiopia, and complete 150 village water projects. The Lord is doing something new in us that we believe has ripple effects far beyond Lifewater. Thank you for fueling this work—none of it happens without you!

Glad to serve with you,

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Justin Narducci, President/CEO

“See, I am doing a new thing . . . I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

— Isaiah 43:19

Vision of a Healthy Village

Lifewater is tackling the water crisis through something we call the Vision of a Healthy Village. Because it’s not just about drinking dirty water. It’s about individuals and families transforming unhealthy behaviors that have persisted for generations.

Vision of a Healthy Village is the culmination of 38 years of experience in water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and exhaustive research of best practices in Christian community development. And it’s working. To date, more than 185 communities are actively involved in the Vision of a Healthy Village program.

What Makes a Village Healthy?

A healthy village is made up of individual households that have adopted five simple yet life-changing improvements. Everything is built using affordable, locally-available materials.

Healthy Village Needs
Village Healthy Items List

Year in Review

Fiscal Year 2017 marks a turning point. Building upon a 40-year legacy of faithful service, our Vision of a Healthy Village program has catalyzed lasting change for more than 85,000 vulnerable people.

This year was a historic one: with the launch of three new field offices in Ethiopia (2) and Cambodia (1) plus the completion of 118 village water projects, it is the biggest impact we have ever had in our 40 years of service.

“Since I became a Healthy Home, I haven’t taken my kids to the clinic in one year. I used to take them often, but I don’t have to anymore.”

- Bunato, Ethiopia

FY 2017 By the Numbers

FY 2017 By the Numbers
FY 2017 Stats

"Now there is no more disease in my family."

- Ruth, Uganda

A Three-Part Approach

Vision of a Healthy Village is a holistic approach that goes beyond building wells. It’s rooted in a deep belief in the dignity and capability of those whom we serve. Together, these three areas of focus transform communities for good.

3 Part Approach


To achieve the greatest health benefits, improvements in access to safe, clean water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene education must be made together. These three disciplines, commonly referred to as “WASH,” can virtually eliminate water-borne diseases.

Healthy Wash Habits
Wash stats

"We promise to keep our home healthy. Even when Lifewater leaves, my home will not become dirty again until I die. And if possible, when I die, even my grave, it will be swept clean every day!"

- Medi, Uganda


Real, lasting change happens when communities actively contribute to the program. We spend time establishing relationships, listening, and activating resources already within the community. The result is empowered people, thriving villages, and change that lasts.

Sustainability Needs
Sustainability Stats

"Being part of the committee is being part of the solution to our problems, and that makes me happy."

- Ayantu, Water Committee Member, Ethiopia

Gospel Impact

God is moving in the places we serve. Lifewater works alongside local churches, mobilizing believers to help their neighbors learn healthy habits. Many communities have significant unreached populations—when there is no local church, we partner with church planters to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard Jesus cares for them.

Gospel Impact Facets
Gospel Impact Stats

Sharing the Good News

Moses is a believer in Kaliro, Uganda. His neighbor is a prominent witch doctor in the community, and Moses had never had the courage to share his faith before. After participating in the Disciple Making Movement training with CityTeam, Moses was challenged to reach out to his neighbor. The witch doctor has invited Moses to begin a discovery Bible study in his home.

"Lifewater provides a real way to live out our commitment to love like Jesus and make a lasting impact in the world."

Billy Nolan, Director of Global Partnerships at North Point Community Church

FY 2017 Financials

Fiscal Year 2017 was another record-setting year for Lifewater. Total donations topped $3.8M, up 36% over the previous year. Growth trends remain strong moving into FY 2018, and we are projecting $4.5M in donations for the upcoming fiscal year.

Program expenses increased in step with donations, up 32% for the fiscal year. The first-ever Lifewater drill rig is scheduled to deploy in Ethiopia in the fall of 2017 and two additional field locations are planned for launch, both of which will fuel increases in program expenditures in the new year.

Our team is working hard to reduce administrative costs. We’ve budgeted 10% total administrative expenses for FY 2018, a significant improvement from 17% in FY 2017.

Revenue and Expenses

Revenue Graph
Expenses Graph
Revenue and Expenses Chart

Statement of Activities

Statement of Activities
Statement of Activities

Lifewater upholds the highest standards of financial stewardship. Our organization is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and has been awarded Gold Participant Status by GuideStar for transparency in our finances and impact.

View detailed financial information (including an independent audit and IRS form 990) on our website:

"Lifewater blesses both the giver and the receiver with the gift of clean water. We are confident their work will have life-sustaining impact and be done well."

- Cary A. Paine, President, The Stewardship Foundation

Villages Served

Villages Served by Year

FY 2018 Strategic Objectives

FY 2018 Strategic Objectives

Looking Ahead

Experts believe we can end the world water crisis in our lifetime. It’s a seemingly insurmountable goal, and yet in the past 25 years, 2.6 billion people have gained access to an improved drinking water source. We are making real progress.

The road ahead will be difficult. Of the more than 663 million people still living without safe water, most live in rural, hard-to-reach places within the 10/40 Window. As we look to ending the world water crisis, we’ll need to go further and deeper than ever before.

Equipped with a proven, scalable model (the Vision of a Healthy Village), we are moving forward in faith to bring safe water and health to more people, more effectively. Further up and further in!

Our Leadership

"It becomes more than just safe drinking water for a few people; it becomes a miracle in the community."

- William A. Ashe

Founder William Ashe Portrait

Remembering Our Founder

William A. Ashe


Even as a brand-new Christian, Bill Ashe knew one thing for sure: he was called to love his neighbor as himself. It wasn’t just words on a page—it was a clear call to do something. And for Bill, a third generation water pump professional, that something was bringing safe water to the vulnerable in our world.

Never did Bill imagine his humble efforts would grow into Lifewater International, a Christian non-profit organization that would serve more than 2.5 million people across 40 countries in 40 years with safe water, improved hygiene and better sanitation.

Thank you, Bill, for modeling what it means to love Christ and to serve Him among the most vulnerable. We will celebrate your life and legacy in our daily work to provide safe and sustainable water to every child—for the glory of God and the good of all people.


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