A Celebration of

Service, Sacrifice, and Safe Water

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40 Years of Faithfulness

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of international water organizations, but none like Lifewater. It started over 50 years ago, when one Christian businessman and his family answered the call to provide safe water to orphans in Mexico. Today, we continue with our founders vision – helping vulnerable children and families to thrive.

This is a story of God’s faithfulness. As we stay connected to our roots and trust in God’s provision, we learn, grow, and take the opportunity to serve more people, more effectively, every day.

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Lifewater Founder and water pump business owner, Bill Ashe, visits Mexico, where he fixes windmill hand pumps at an orphanage. Friends and family join Bill as he travels to Baja California, Mexico to serve poor communities with clean water.


“Lifewater” is born and the groundwork laid for many more to join Bill in bringing water to those who needed it most.


Bill attends Billy Graham conference in Amsterdam and receives over 2,000 requests from pastors and evangelists for safe water from over 100 countries. In response to the flurry of requests, Bill formally registers Lifewater, Inc as a non-profit corporation.


Lifewater holds its first conference inviting volunteer professionals to become a part of the team. Lifewater continues to build an exceptional team of field trainers.


Lifewater adopts water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) strategy focusing on community development and building the capacity of indigenous partners.


Using momentum and local knowledge to maximize impact, Lifewater adopts a regional program strategy aimed to serve tens of thousands of people with safe water, sanitation, and hygiene.


Lifewater launches its first field offices in Ethiopia and Uganda, using local staff with real-time data monitoring to help implement the Vision of a Healthy Village strategy.


Additional field offices in Cambodia and Ethiopia are launched. Lifewater certifies 1,336 Healthy Homes, the building blocks of long-term regional transformation that begins one family at a time.

The Challenge

As we celebrate the past 40 years, we look ahead to ending the water crisis in the next forty. An exciting challenge, unlike any in Lifewater’s history, awaits! See how you can be a part of bringing deep wells to the rural hills of southern Ethiopia.

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