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Our values guide and direct the work we do every day. We are a Christ-centered, child-focused and impact-oriented organization–we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus among our world’s most vulnerable. If your values align with ours, consider joining us in impacting the world for the Gospel.



We are Christians committed to ending the global water and sanitation crisis, one village at a time.


Safe water for every child. A healthy home for each family. The love of Christ for all.


Lifewater has adopted The Lausanne Covenant as its Statement of Faith.

Core Values

As you spend some time with us, you’ll see these values promoted and demonstrated. They help us remember the who, why, and how of our work.


We delight in the grace, mercy, and saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ “in whom we live, move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28). We seek to follow him by entering into his redemption story that is already at work in the places and among the people that we are privileged to serve.


We affirm the original calling given to our Founder, William A. Ashe, who believed that every underserved child and family should have the opportunity to drink safe water and to live free of water-borne diseases, and that anything less is a grave injustice.


We approach large, global problems with locally appropriate solutions in leadership, ownership, and technology to produce a lasting impact. We appreciate data and continuously analyze it to improve our activities.

Entrepreneurial Servant Leaders

We work together to build a lean and nimble organization that operates in humility, with mutual respect for our colleagues and stakeholders. Seeking to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we look for creative, collaborative, and cost-efficient ways to undertake our work.

Taking a Long View

We recognize that lasting and transformational change takes time and often requires a reframing of one’s worldview. We are patient yet persistent in our expectations, actions, and strategies, understanding that the most significant changes in a community come from within.

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