Local Churches

Demonstrating the love of Christ

Endowed with local knowledge, cultural awareness, and language, the local church is best positioned to meet the health needs of their community. This is why we work arm-in-arm with local churches in every community we serve in—mobilizing believers to love and serve their neighbors through improved health and a practical expression of the love of Christ.


“Before I knew about God, my life was very hard, in my heart and in my body. It was hopeless to have peace in my life. When I learned about Jesus Christ, my life did change.”

Sout Sony

Water, Health, and the Gospel

By meeting the practical needs of their neighbors, local churches share the love of Jesus.


Community Health Workers

Local believers are equipped to teach peers about improving their health through proper water, sanitation, and hygiene practices. As they establish meaningful relationships with their neighbors they are invited to respectfully share about the God who motivates them.


Discovery Bible Studies

In oral cultures, Biblical stories that relate to health lessons are shared among the community. These stories are then shared with others and community members begin to believe that God cares for them and see the Bible as a relevant source of teaching.



Lifewater’s training incorporates Biblically-based principles into hygiene lessons and demonstrates how much people’s health and flourishing matter to God. Many have only thought of God in a negative sense, and this new outlook can be immensely refreshing.

Our staff are Christ-followers, and we love our neighbors.

As Kingdom-builders, we won’t stop until every child has safe water. It’s what God called us to do 40 years ago, and it is why we’re so eager to see our neighbors freed to become all that God created them to be. At headquarters and in our field offices around the world, we are all part of the body of believers, local and global.

We work alongside others.

We work with great partners who help with the long-term development of local churches for lasting ministries of discipleship and service. Below are two that partner with us to reach the whole person with the whole gospel.


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