Lifewater Wins Major Transparency Prize for Best Nonprofit Annual Report

Lifewater International, a Christian clean water charity, today announces an unprecedented double award for transparency and effective communication. This year, Lifewater became the first organization to receive both “Best Annual Report” and “Best CEO Letter” in one year, propelling the organization to the top for best nonprofit annual report.

Introducing a Brand-New Way To Give

Lifewater International launches a brand-new website that personalizes philanthropy, providing real-time updates directly from the field and true stories unique to more than 50 rural villages. On the new, those seeking to sponsor a clean water project can read the story of a family that lives in Ethiopia, Cambodia, or Uganda and give directly to them and their neighbors.

Lifewater Releases FY 2018 Annual Report

Since Lifewater’s inception, the desire to love others well and bring the gospel to the far corners of the world has propelled us into action. It’s our hope that by action and deed, we help to multiply Kingdom impact in every place we go.

The 2018 WASH Report Summary: Understanding the Problem

Water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) continue to be one of the major global issues of our time, impacting young girls, mothers, and those with disabilities in rural areas primarily. Access to WASH affects our chances for survival, our ability to enjoy good health and safety, our opportunity to get an education and work, and … Continued

Lifewater Awarded Grant for Healthy Schools Initiative

In May of 2018, Lifewater received an anonymous donation of $60,000 to launch their “Healthy Schools” initiative. The program begins this year with the purpose of providing water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) training, restroom facilities, and adequate access to safe water for students.

Kaliro, Uganda Receives First Handicap-Accessible Well

Over 90% of Uganda is without handicap accessibility, and children who are disabled are the most likely to drop out of school due to lack of proper resources. Lifewater has just established a handicap-accessible well for Veronica Magooba and her classmates.

Lifewater Launches Interactive Map Experience

SAN LUIS OBISPO (June 6, 2018)- Since the inception of Lifewater’s “Vision of a Healthy Village” (VHV) initiative in 2015, tracking progress through detailed data-gathering technology has been a critical component of their vision to end the global water crisis. Today, these hundreds of thousands of data points provide an insider’s look at each Healthy … Continued