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Impact Matters: Uganda // Agali Report

With clean water, communities in Northern Uganda gain admiration and appeal Lifewater works for deep and lasting impact. We measure the results of our work in both the short term…

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Water Sanitation and Hygiene: Improvements in Kenya

The Health of a School Improves with Proper Water Sanitation and Hygiene Education Mr. Joseph Mtesia, headmaster at Misiani Primary School greeted us as we walked toward the shade tree…

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Celebrating Success in Northern Uganda

So what? Three years, over $1,500,000, and the energy of numerous schools, civic groups, and individuals have poured into Lifewater International’s Project Restoring Hope in northern Uganda. So what? Was…

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My “SH” conversion in Ethiopia

For years, I have talked about sanitation and hygiene as crucial components of sustainable water development. The acronym WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) rolls off my tongue, and I cheer…

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Apoyo Matek!

Apoyo Matek! This means “thank you very much” in Luo, one of the many languages of Uganda. The locals said it so often that I wondered why they remained so…

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