Give Clean Water to a Thirsty World.

You can save lives. Donate a well or sponsor a village water project today.

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This process can take from 12 – 18 months from start to completion and we are committed to showing you the impact of your gift. During this time, you will see the direct results of your donation with the following three reports:


Program Overview

You will receive a report specific to the region where the village is located. You also receive details about the day-to-day life of families, plan for change, and type of water source you will sponsor.


Progress Update

Mid-way through the project, a status report will be sent outlining progress made and changes already taking place in the region.


Completion Report

Once the village is certified as healthy, you will receive a completion report and certificate that includes photos of the village’s previous water source, new water source, and the local water committee that manages and maintains it.

Village Water Project Summary

  • You create 50 healthy homes
  • Your serve a village of 300 people with a safe water source
  • You receive before and after photos of families homes and water point to see the significance of your impact
  • You receive communication about the long-term monitoring and evaluation of the project done by Lifewater to ensure sustainability

What happens when you sponsor a village water project?



The community is invested with you.

Community members are required to make meaningful investments into the construction and ongoing maintenance of the water point. Lifewater staff help form local water committees to collect user fees that are used to fix the water source when it inevitably needs repair. From the healthy homes to the water committees – the entire process empowers community members, ensures sustainability for the water source, and creates healthy habits that last for generations.

"In searching for organizations that provided the clean water, Lifewater was the best combination of effective programs and Christian message."

Kevin Williams, Lifewater Donor

Getting clean water to rural villages is the most effective way to eliminate poverty. When you sponsor a village water project, you provide sanitation and hygiene training as well as a water asset for an entire village of 300 people.



donates a well that provides an entire village with safe water.



provides a new water well and house-to-house hygiene and sanitation training for everyone in the village.



sponsors a water project and latrines at a school serving up to 800 children.

Sponsor a Village Water Project

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