Corporate Giving

There are many ways your company can give back and help provide clean water to a community.

Companies all over the world recognize the benefits of creating a culture of giving back. Increased employee engagement, greater meaning derived from work, and sharing impact with your customers are just a few. Here are a few ways you can get your company involved.

Sponsor a Water Project

By donating a portion of your profit, your company can provide an entire community with a new water source, sanitation and hygiene.

Donate Goods or Services

Whether you provide paper, printing, consulting or have great products that you want to donate, you can give clean water to vulnerable kids.

Engage your Employees

Incentivize your employees to take up the cause by matching their donations.

Our company is looking for ways to 'give back' to the local and international community, so supporting Lifewater was a natural choice since we are in the water business as well! "

Ron McAdams | Engineer, StreamKey

“In vetting impact causes to connect businesses and their employees to, Lifewater is definitely a top notch organization. Donors see the direct impact of their gift each and every month. “


Brent Skinner

“I love sharing with my clients that we are going to help vulnerable kids across the world get clean water through the sale or purchase of their house. Connecting my business to a global cause has been amazing!”


Kimberly Maston
Realtor and Mayor of Cambria, CA

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