Klis, Cambodia

  • 45 Families
  • 280 People
  • 45 Families
  • 280 People

“I have thought of going back to school, but we don’t have money.” – Phan, 17

Waterborne illnesses from this well have prevented Phan’s family from thriving as God intends.

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Phan Romam, 17, and her family laugh often and talk of improving their lives together. But, she, her parents, and siblings have never been taught about the dangers of contaminated food and water.

The family gets their drinking water from a well nearby their home. Phan and one of her younger sisters collect water twice a day for the family of 7.

Like many young girls in Klis village, Phan dropped out of school in third grade because her parents were unable to pay for her school fees.

One of the largest factors contributing to their poverty is contaminated water. Unsafe water leads to a sick family, and sick parents cannot work to provide income for their children.

Today, her parents work in the rice fields, and Phan does labor-intensive jobs around the area.

Two of Phan’s younger siblings are still in school in part because of Phan’s contribution to the family. She knows that their education can help bring her family out of poverty.

Phan’s family and all of Klis village are exposed to waterborne illnesses from this hand-dug well. Because they do not have their own restroom, they go outside; when it rains heavily, human feces are washed into their water.

You can help Klis village today. Your gift will provide health training for each household, their own toilets, and a safe water source near their village.

Lasting change means more than just building a well. Local Lifewater staff will work house by house to teach healthy habits and share the love of Christ. With clean water, Phan and her family can live healthy lives.

Here’s what happens when you sponsor a village water project through Lifewater:

Partner with a village. Your gift kickstarts a community water project.
Teach healthy habits. Small changes make a big impact on family health.
Build a well. The village contributes up to 15% for construction.
Measure impact. Local staff track success and provide support.
Engage the church. We equip local churches to love their community.

Sponsor Klis village today.

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“We are confident Lifewater’s work will have life-sustaining impact.”
– Cary A. Paine, The Stewardship Foundation

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Meet the Team

Lifewater field staff walk alongside each family in all our program regions with persistence, humility, and courage.



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