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Sustainability and Rural Water Development

The UN estimates that in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, between 30-60% of wells have failed. Water points provided through Lifewater, however, have had a 92% success rate over the last decade. Local water committees have been a key factor in our success.

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Giving Well: A Live Call with National Christian Foundation

Learn how you can reduce taxes, get more out of your assets, and make a greater kingdom impact. By donating your stocks, bonds, business interests, or even your excess grain, you can reduce taxes and provide more water to vulnerable children and families than you ever thought possible.

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The WASH Report 2016

The WASH Report is a detailed resource for current research, statistics, and trends in global WASH issues. It contains specific coverage on topics such as women, children, education, disease, global policies, and current events as well as helps to form a picture of what challenges lie ahead in the quest for universal coverage.

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How to Identify High Quality WASH Programs

Water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions can be some of the most impactful and cost-effective strategies to alleviate suffering, share the gospel, and provide essential building blocks for community development in the Majority World.

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WASH: A High Value Kingdom Investment

Understanding where human needs are the greatest and where peoples remain unreached with the gospel, the question of where best to prioritize resources toward these ends is a constant tension.

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