Stock Gifts

Make a larger impact today and maximize your tax savings with a donation of stocks or bonds.

Making a Gift of Stock

Provide the account information below to your financial professional or download the free resource for more information.

Using the account information below, your financial professional will be able to process the transfer after you complete their requested paperwork. If you hold securities directly, please contact the Lifewater Brokerage Account Manager, Chad Silva, for assistance.

Brokerage Account #: 0QF878508
Lifewater International
PO Box 3131
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-3131

NFS Electronic Brokerage ID: DTC#: 0226
Maguire Investments, Inc.
PO Box 1848
Santa Maria, CA 93456

Chad Silva

What To Do Next

  1. Download Documents: Download the Stock Gifts Information Sheet PDF to begin the stock donation process electronically or manually.
  2. Confirm with Financial Professional: Provide the account information to your financial professional or directly contact Lifewater’s broker, using his contact in the linked information sheet above.
  3. Notify Lifewater: Notify us of your gift. Contact Daren Wendell at or call us at 805.541.6634. Be sure to include your name, date of gift issuance, name of appreciated securities, and estimated value.
  4. Print Donation and Tax Receipt: Lifewater will contact you to confirm receipt of gift and issue tax receipt. Print and save these receipts.

“Donating stock was simple and easy. It allowed us to make a bigger impact.”

– Kristine from Windham, ME

Other Questions? Contact Us.

If you have any questions please contact us at 805.541.6634 or email Daren Wendell, Sr. Director of Donor Relations, at

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