Impact Students
Lives Forever.

  • Equip students with the ability to
    engage the global water crisis
  • Connect your school with a village
    in Africa or Asia in need of clean water
  • Create a campus culture of giving
    back and inspire a global mindset

Tell me how I can give a village clean water, health, and hope.

Students all over the world are helping end the global water and sanitation crisis.



Get Your School Involved

Lifewater can help your students expand their impact and forever change a village’s future.


  1. Sponsor a Village Water Project
    Commit to helping an entire village. We’ll help you! Contact us and we’ll provide support for events and fundraising.
  2. Sponsor a School Water Project
    Sponsor a school water project and give children clean water, school toilets, and hope for the future.
  3. Engage Students with a Global Mindset
    Utilize our materials to help your students gain a better understanding of the global water and sanitation crisis. You’ll get stories, photos, and progress updates for every donation to a water project. 
    Download the Top Water Crisis Facts Now.


Make a Sustainable Impact with Lifewater

For more than 40 years, Lifewater has helped schools be a part of global life change by bringing clean water, improved health, and the hope of the gospel to families living in extreme poverty. Since 1977, we’ve served more than 2.5 million people and with your school’s help, we will serve more! Here’s how Lifewater is unique.

Biblical Worldview

We see people and poverty in the context of God’s love and restoration.

Remote Locations

We serve in hard-to-reach places where families that are most vulnerable live.


We work on local and regional levels to create change that lasts.


Safe Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) practices can help make clean water sustainable and nearly eliminate water-borne diseases.

Impact Data

We measure, analyze, and report results online to ensure our activities are making a lasting impact.

Appropriate Water Technology

We access appropriate, long-lasting solutions which utilize local ingenuity, readily available supplies, and materials that community leaders can access.

Connect your school with lasting life change

"The fifth graders were amazing, and each one of them worked so hard to raise money for Lifewater!"

- Kristine, Valley Christian School

Kristine’s fifth grade class organized a historic museum fundraiser to help change lives for other students and families in a rural village.
Provide students increased sanitation at school

"As a long time employee of a non profit that has collaborated with [Lifewater] on dozens of water and sanitation projects in Ethiopia and Cambodia, I can attest to the dedication and impact of their work."

- Steve, H20 for Life

H20 for Life partners with Lifewater and schools in rural villages to provide clean water sources and healthy sanitation practices for students.

"We are so delighted to partner with Lifewater. Thank you for your dedication to the practical and spiritual needs of the people you serve."

- Bethany, mother of two

Bethany and her family partner to provide other children with clean water access and safe latrines to keep them in school. (Photo by One, Another Photography)
Sponsor a village.
Give clean water.
Help rural schools.


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