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We are a Christian non-profit working to end the global water and sanitation crisis. Since 1977, you have helped us reach over 2.5 million with life-saving clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

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In Kaliro, Uganda, families of subsistence farmers are burdened by chronic illness. Sponsor a village and you can give 300 people clean water plus the hygiene and sanitation training they need to live full, healthy lives.

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Handwashing is an important part of improving sanitation in Ethiopia.
Monday, April 3, 2017

Improving Sanitation In Ethiopia: How Five Communities Became Healthy Villages

Sanitation in Ethiopia has a big impact on health. Five communities where Lifewater works have improved sanitation and been certified as Healthy Villages.

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“No matter how much food and health care is given to aid the poor in developing countries, it is simply a band-aid if they still drink contaminated water…. Lifewater International offers continual hope and health.”

Ted Yamamori

Former President,
Food for the Hungry

“For over 40 years, Lifewater has been investing in local solutions through African leadership and enabling high quality WASH programming combined with African innovation; this results in impact and sustainability that will far outlast our presence there.”

Jena Nardella

Blood:Water Mission

“Stuff isn’t enough and Lifewater gets that. Development is more than hardware – the wells and latrines. It is the whole process of relationships, accompaniment and education. It is walking together, and Lifewater truly walks with the poor.”

Bryant Myers, PhD

Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, Author of Walking with the Poor