98% Actively Functioning Water Sources

Rural communities are taking initiative to thrive and create lasting, healthy change

Real, lasting change happens when communities actively contribute to the program.

We invest in relationships, listen, and activate resources that are already within the community. The result is empowered people, thriving villages, and sustainable change.

98% Sustainability Rate

Sustainability data is for projects completed from 2016 onward. 91 percent of water points were monitored during the period.

Creating Sustainable Change

Source Local Technology

We source construction materials from local supply chains so communities have access to materials should anything break on their water source.

Train Local Influencers

We identify trendsetters to spearhead a movement from within the community. Trained in Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene practices (WASH), local influencers travel to each home, teaching their neighbors how to live healthier lives.

Local Leadership

Respected people in the community are invited to become part of a Water Committee. The committee ensures the community’s investment lasts for generations by monitoring use, collecting user fees, and managing repairs.

Community Contribution

Communities provide 10-15% of the cost of the water source through labor, materials, or funds. Afterwards, the committee oversees monthly household payments to deposit in a savings account to pay for future well maintenance and repair.



Local staff monitor each well at specific intervals to ensure they are functioning properly. Data is uploaded using the Akvo app, then reviewed and analyzed by our engineering team.

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Sustained Tracking

After the intensive phase of the program ends, water sources are tracked for five years to make sure that the wheels continue to turn after we leave the villages.


How Local Water Committees
Ensure Sustainability


“Being part of the committee is being part of the solution
to our problems,” Ayantu, a young mother in Ethiopia, said.
“And that makes me happy.”



Read Ayantu’s Story

Sustainability Beyond the Village

Lifewater works with governing agencies to advance systemic change.



  • Actively working with national governments for productive partnerships, including Cost Share agreements

  • Upholding international water and sanitation standards like those implemented by the World Health Organization

  • Forthcoming about finances, challenges, and the obstacles that often occur in international development work

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