Safe Water


Reaching remote communities with life-saving safe water

With a team of expert engineers, hydrogeologists, the drill team, and the expertise of the community themselves, Lifewater constructs custom water access and sanitation solutions in the globe’s hardest to reach communities.

Every water source is a promise kept—a promise of quality, safe drinking water for every person in need.

Our Approach


Custom Engineering

Because the hydrogeology of every village is different, Lifewater engineers develop water access blueprints for each water source based on surveys, population, and locally-available materials. Engineers then oversee construction to ensure that we’re serving people in the most effective way possible.


Appropriate Technology

It’s important that the water point is not only made with quality, but affordable and maintainable. Through research and community involvement, we decide the best water access for the context.

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Water Quality

Water quality testing is one of the most tangible ways to maintain our commitment to long-term transformation and quality care is being realized in every village. With annual and bi-annual testing, we can be sure that our water sources are providing safe water.


International Standards

In keeping with international WHO guidelines, all village water sources are within 1 km from homes and have a 30 minute waiting time or less. If there is any travel, it must be attainable by every community member—young, elderly, and disabled alike. School water sources must be on school grounds.

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Students at Nkonte Primary Receive Safe Water


“We are Victorious! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lifewater!”

– The children of Nkonte Primary School


In 2017, Lifewater committed to providing safe water for the children. Despite months of planning, preparation, and the expertise of geologists and water engineers, the first drilled well didn’t provide enough water for all the children. The team refused to give up.

They searched and studied the earth and constructed another well in a new location. In August of 2018, Nkonte Primary School received safe water.

“It was a huge privilege to be present for the installation today,” Lifewater WASH Engineer Jon Viducich said. “It was the culmination of a few years of work and humbling to consider the significance of these water points; Having a year-round water source on campus represents countless hours of additional class time for students who would otherwise have to leave school to find water elsewhere.”


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