Healthy Homes


200,729 People Living Healthier, More Abundant Lives

Teaching families
simple yet life-saving habits
so they can take charge of their own health

Safe water access can’t prevent waterborne illnesses alone. We train local leaders to teach five life-changing healthy habits.

These leaders walk alongside their neighbors, sharing messages that help families prevent illness and create Healthy Homes.

Healthy Home Requirements


Washing hands with soap stops the spread of disease. Every household builds simple handwashing devices with local materials.

Safe Water Storage

Clean water stored in dirty containers becomes contaminated water. Families learn to keep water safe from collection to consumption.

Drying Rack

Washing dishes and drying them in the sun, away from animals, helps stop the spread of harmful pathogens.


Building and using a simple pit or pour-flush latrine separates people from poop, drastically decreasing waterborne diseases. It also provides safety and dignity.


Clean Compound

Keeping the household environment clear of trash and feces discourages germs, keeps people safer, and helps them take more pride in their home.


When a household demonstrates all these elements, it is awarded a “Healthy Home Certificate,” which is displayed proudly as a symbol of accomplishment.

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Healthy Homes: Real-Time Impact



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Sustainable Work

Providing access to safe water and restrooms is a start to alleviating poverty, but encouraging and reinforcing healthy habits, home-by-home, is the only way to make sure it lasts.



  • Our methods are adapted to local motivations, barriers, and materials.

  • Local leaders are empowered to reach their neighbors in a systematic way.

  • We are consistently developing relationships between community members and WASH facilitators to meet an adapting need.

  • All Healthy Homes are registered in our monitoring system.

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