ActiveWater Joins Lifewater International to Serve More with Safe Water

When Michigan resident Daren Wendell began his walk across the country in 2008, his goal was to raise money for safe drinking water around the world. He didn’t expect to help launch an incredibly successful nonprofit along the way.

“I sold everything I owned for the trip and quit my job,” Daren recounted.

Having raised $140,000 at the end of his journey from San Diego, CA to Maine. Daren and then Blood:Water volunteer Amie Hadaway decided to launch their own nonprofit dedicated to bringing safe water to those in need.

Over the course of five years, ActiveWater would raise 1.4 million dollars while getting people all over the world to compete, walk, run, swim, and bike for safe drinking water.

Activewater was already working closely with Lifewater over the years, but officially joined forces in 2014.

“We could serve more people together than apart,” Daren said, referencing the team of skilled marketers, fundraisers, and programs staff already established at Lifewater.

Today, the work of Activewater lives on through every village water project funded and constructed by Lifewater and through “Climb for Clean Water,” an annual hike up Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Since 2016, Lifewater’s Climb for Clean Water participants have funded over 65 safe water projects, serving more than 13,700 people with clean water, health, and hope for generations to come.

Daren Wendell is now Lifewater’s Senior Director of Donor Relations; he helps people across the United States connect with the cause for clean water and make tangible change in the lives of those in need.

“My passion has always stemmed from a teaching out of Matthew 25 where it shares that when you feed the hungry, clothe those in need, look after the sick, and provide water for the thirsty, it’s like serving Jesus himself,” Daren said. “I can’t think of a better way to focus my time and energy.”

Lifewater International is faith-based safe water and community health organization serving the most rural, remote communities in the world with water access, improved sanitation, and hygiene. Through a data-driven, grassroots approach to solving the global water crisis, communities are empowered to make true, lasting change to last for generations.


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