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Sustainable Change and Gospel Impact: A Message of Hope

Like you, we care about sustainable change and Gospel impact. To reach more people more effectively, we partner with local churches to mobilize believers to love and serve their neighbors…

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Women and Water: Tibka’s Story

When it comes to women and water in Ethiopia, the burden is heavy. When there is no safe water, women endure physical danger and strain while fetching water over long…

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Lessons in Perseverance, Trust, and Importing Water Drilling Rigs

In the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region (SNNRP) of Ethiopia, more than 18 million people face some of the highest water scarcity and water-borne disease rates in the world.…

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How a Mother is Overcoming Water Poverty in Uganda

In eastern Uganda, vulnerable people like Rachel Kisakye are working hard to make safe water, sanitation, and hygiene a reality in their lives. A wife, mother, and farmer overcoming water poverty, Rachel lives as though all things are possible, and she continues to bless others with her quiet, hero’s journey.

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How a Family is Overcoming the Ethiopia Water Crisis

How does clean water fit into your morning routine? In Ethiopia, morning routines include walking long distances and collecting clean water for use and consumption. For one family overcoming the…

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How a Poor Widow Overcame Water Poverty in Cambodia

Imagine living in a place without access to safe water. Now imagine you have four young children and you just lost your husband. This is the story of El Lot.…

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The Gift of Clean Water: Gratitude from Kaliro, Uganda

The gift of clean water is spreading throughout Kaliro. In a rural, underserved region of eastern Uganda, lives are being transformed. When Lifewater first began partnering with the people of Kaliro,…

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Clean Water and Safe Latrines: Bringing Hope to Ethiopia One Healthy Home at a Time

In some rural parts of Ethiopia, water-borne illnesses still affect the vast majority of the population. When Lifewater’s program in West Arsi began, an astonishing 97% of the population did…

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His Life Was Changed by School Hygiene Training

School hygiene, sanitation and water access have a significant impact on student’s success. In Ethiopia, 3 out of 4 girls won’t finish primary school. One of the biggest reasons is…

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Christian Water Ministry Leads to 100+ Baptisms in Uganda

As a Christian water ministry, Lifewater staff and community volunteers spend weeks, months, even years with families in their homes to help them learn healthy habits. Working side by side,…

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