Community Facilitators

These local heroes are good neighbors. Sometimes heroes look just like the person next door. Sometimes the hero is the person next door. Community Facilitators (CFs) in Ethiopia are people who have volunteered for a great responsibility: to tell their neighbors about healthy hygiene and sanitation practices. How they start: Lifewater field staff choose the CF from among … Continued

One Thousand Healthy Homes

**As part of Lifewater’s Vision of a Health Village strategy for sustainable change, field staff work with families to certify Healthy Homes in remote villages that formerly lacked access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). Each certified Healthy Home means a family that enjoys safe water, good sanitation, and hygiene tools and practices that … Continued


A Widow’s Might Caroline had a tough decision to make. Her husband of 27 years passed away and left very little savings or means for income behind for her and their six children. Caroline’s husband was an eldest brother in his family, and, as is custom in the area, Caroline would be ‘inherited’ by the … Continued

Game Changer

WASH in schools and girls who rule Sometimes it’s the most mundane, un-beautiful things that make the biggest difference. It’s true for latrines in schools. This latrine, constructed at the Omito Primary School in northern Uganda, has already changed lives.

Water Access in Borena

Collecting safe, clean water in southern Ethiopia. Community members work together to get a sustainable source of safe water for their families. [fluidvideo url=”″]

Schools in Borena

From school visits in southern Ethiopia, some with WASH, some without. [fluidvideo url=”″]

Dirty Water in Borena

The hard task of collecting unsafe water in southern Ethiopia… [fluidvideo url=”″]

A Mother’s Story

From Taso’s Front Door… …you can see a lot of Ethiopia. Her home is perched on a hilltop overlooking a pastiche of small farms and paths crisscrossed by narrow trenches deepened with each rainy season. Her family grows maize, sugarcane, and teff, and they keep a few animals. Taso’s story mirrors what is happening around … Continued

Just The Beginning

Change and Community in Haralo, Ethiopia Until recently, during the dry season, the women of Haralo left their homes each day before the sun and their children awoke to begin a ten mile walk. They returned nine hours later with a few gallons of water. Not anymore. When asked what has changed since the people … Continued

Ain’t no party like a new well party

[fluidvideo url=”″] You may think of yourself as a person who knows how to celebrate. You can plan it down to the themed toothpicks, you can put out a spread like nobody’s business, or you can be the first one on the dance floor, but you have NOT seen a party until you’ve seen a … Continued