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The Economist: Improved Sanitation Saves Lives

Did you know approximately 4.5 billion people live without access to a household toilet or latrine? This plays a significant role in the number of people who suffer from water-borne…

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How a Family is Overcoming the Ethiopia Water Crisis

How does clean water fit into your morning routine? In Ethiopia, morning routines include walking long distances and collecting clean water for use and consumption. For one family overcoming the…

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Lifewater Receives $75,000 Grant from Geisse Foundation

This past month, the John F. and Mary A. Geisse Foundation generously granted Lifewater $75,000 for a WASH Sustainability Pilot Program in East Africa. The grant will further Lifewater’s work…

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Government of Uganda Affirms Lifewater’s Vision of a Healthy Village Strategy

Lifewater’s Uganda water projects are attracting attention from the national government. The newly-released Sector Performance Report on Uganda Water and the Environment highlights the success of Lifewater’s Vision of a…

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Rural Water Supply: How Local Water Committees Ensure Sustainability

Here at Lifewater, we are dedicated to seeing that access to safe water lasts through the generations. That’s why it’s imperative we continue to partner with people like Ayantu, to…

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His Life Was Changed by School Hygiene Training

School hygiene, sanitation and water access have a significant impact on student’s success. In Ethiopia, 3 out of 4 girls won’t finish primary school. One of the biggest reasons is…

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Global Handwashing Day: Washing Hands Saves Lives

Really? A day to celebrate handwashing? Have the day-namers gone too far? Not in the case of Global Handwashing Day. Handwashing can save the lives of millions of children and…

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Mayuge, Uganda Water Survey Results

The first work we do in every community is a baseline survey, gathering data and stories from families, students, and teachers. Our baseline report provides detailed analysis of current WASH…

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WHO Water Report: 2.1 Billion Lack Safe Water at Home

3 in 10 people worldwide don’t have access to safe water at home. 6 in 10 people, a full 4.5 billion, don’t have a safe place to go to the…

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How a Village in Africa Solved Sanitation Issues with Healthy Homes

Sanitation issues deeply impact lives in Africa. In places like rural Uganda where Medi lives, only 17% of the population have access to improved sanitation. But people like Medi are…

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