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Mayuge, Uganda Water Survey Results

The first work we do in every community is a baseline survey, gathering data and stories from families, students, and teachers. Our baseline report provides detailed analysis of current WASH…

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WHO Water Report: 2.1 Billion Lack Safe Water at Home

3 in 10 people worldwide don’t have access to safe water at home. 6 in 10 people, a full 4.5 billion, don’t have a safe place to go to the…

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How a Village in Africa Solved Sanitation Issues with Healthy Homes

Sanitation issues deeply impact lives in Africa. In places like rural Uganda where Medi lives, only 17% of the population have access to improved sanitation. But people like Medi are…

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Safe Water Gave Baby Robira a Future

Like all mothers, Ayantu wanted her baby to be healthy and happy. But lack of access to safe water made life difficult for Ayantu and her baby boy, Robira.

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Sanitation in Ethiopia: How 5 Communities Improved

Sanitation in Ethiopia has a big impact on health. Five communities where Lifewater works have improved sanitation and been certified as Healthy Villages.

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Raising Awareness for National Sanitation Day in Cambodia

Every November, Cambodia celebrates National Sanitation Day to promote improved sanitation for all people. Lifewater in Cambodia joined in the celebrations with more than 200 people, gathered at Rohal Primary…

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Community Led Total Sanitation

Triggering behavior change one person at a time **There‚Äôs a word in this story that you might not use regularly at your dinner table. Still, it needs to be shared…

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Global Handwashing Day

Really? A day to celebrate handwashing? Have the Day-namers gone too far?   Not in this case. Not if you know that handwashing can save the lives of millions of…

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How The Most Cost-Effective Charities Help the Rural Poor

When it comes to giving, we want our investment to make a difference. But how do you find the most cost-effective charities? And what exactly makes a charity cost effective?…

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World Water Day 2016: Safe Water and Sanitation for All

It’s World Water Day 2016–thanks for making a difference. Understanding the importance of clean water for development is what drives change.

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