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Lifewater Raises Awareness on National Sanitation Day in Cambodia

Every November, Cambodia celebrates National Sanitation Day to promote improved sanitation for all people. Lifewater in Cambodia joined in the celebrations with more than 200 people, gathered at Rohal Primary…

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Community Led Total Sanitation

Triggering behavior change one person at a time **There’s a word in this story that you might not use regularly at your dinner table. Still, it needs to be shared…

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Global Handwashing Day

Really? A day to celebrate handwashing? Have the Day-namers gone too far?   Not in this case. Not if you know that handwashing can save the lives of millions of…

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What is cost-effective compassion?

According to Christianity Today, why is providing safe water to the rural poor the most cost-effective way to help them?   The principles of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and return on investment…

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Happy World Water Day!

Wait, it’s World Water Day? What exactly is that? Well, if you’re reading this, you’re doing exactly what this day is intended for. More than 20 years ago, the United…

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Hygiene, Sanitation, and Water

Providing access to safe water, building adequate sanitation facilities, and introducing effective hygiene behaviors are essential to reducing the burden of disease worldwide.

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Handwashing and Neonatal Health

Every year on October 15th, we join with millions of people around the world to recognize Global Handwashing Day.   The day is bittersweet for those of us involved in…

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UN Approves Goal to Achieve Universal Water and Sanitation by 2030

Sustainable Development Goals provide framework for global cooperation for the next 15 years.   On Friday, September 25th, 193 member states of the United Nations agreed to a set of…

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UNICEF and WHO Release Joint Report on Water and Sanitation

2015 Report Tracks Progress, Outlines Challenges For The Next Decade (June 30, 2015) – UNICEF and WHO released a progress report that reveals significant global progress made in the area…

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Pope Calls For Change to Combat Environmental Destruction

Global church leader highlights negative effects on the poor.   Pope Francis today called for personal and systemic change for the sake of the environment. The 184-page encyclical, titled “Laudato…

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