How Chapelstreet Church Inspired Their Congregation to Impact the Water Crisis

Have you ever wondered how your church can make a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God? There are a number of ways to get your church involved with the mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a thirsty world. Our friends and partners at Chapelstreet Church in Geneva, Illinois have found great ways to bring water, health, and hope to vulnerable people in Africa.

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More than 200 people gave using the Chapelstreet Church app at Water Sunday.

Water Sunday at Chapelstreet Church

This past spring, Chapelstreet Church hosted a “Water Sunday.” In seven minutes, they presented the water crisis and talked about what Lifewater is together with church partners to end it. Then they presented their congregation with a simple way to join the mission through a giving app. Through their efforts, 1,000 people downloaded the app, and more than 200 people donated and made a real, lasting impact.

“It was pretty exciting,” says Local and Global Impact Pastor, Bruce McEvoy. “The senior pastor put his voice and face to that invitation and it was wildly successful.”

“It’s bigger than the impact of a well; it’s the transformation of a community.”

As a church, Chapelstreet Church cares about loving its neighbors well. They want people to know and experience the transforming love and grace of Christ. Over the years, the church has been compelled to go deeper with Lifewater. People from the church have visited villages in Uganda to visit and learn from real people on the ground. Some church members have been part of training teams, and some have worked to bring more awareness to the issues, through fundraisers such as Wheels for Water.

And they are making an incredible impact. The church’s generosity is bringing clean water, health, and the hope of the gospel to four villages in rural Uganda.

“We’ve had a wonderful time growing alongside Lifewater,” says McEvoy. “We’ve grown in our understanding of the responsibility we have to make a greater impact; to do more in the kingdom. It’s bigger than the impact of a well; it’s the transformation of a community.”

Since 2015, Chapelstreet Church has brought clean water and gospel hope to over 5,000 vulnerable children and families in Uganda.

How Your Church Can Impact the Water Crisis

Are you ready to partner with us in ending the global water crisis? Get your church involved today to get connected with a village in Africa or Asia. You can bring clean water, improved health, and the love of Christ to vulnerable people in need. In doing so, you can make a real impact.

“Chapelstreet Church has fallen in love with Lifewater’s values,” says McEvoy. “There’s no mission drift. Lifewater is spot on for doing what they’re doing in Jesus’ name, and doing it holistically. Not every partnership can give the same quality and excellence in content and data. The Lifewater face has become sort of synonymous with our efforts to serve the world.”

Choose a Village. Change a Life.