Our 2 Newest Projects!

Amazing things are happening around the world because of your generous and faithful giving.


We are excited to share our newest projects on the continent of Africa: Project 2 in Shinyanga, Tanzania and Project 4 in Bensa, Ethiopia.

Shinyanga and Bensa


The Need in Shinyanga

In Tanzania, only 11% of the population have access safely managed drinking water, 25% have safe sanitation, and 29% have access to basic hygiene*.

Our focus in Shinyanga includes 2 wards in 8 villages and 55 sub-villages, with a target population of 21,594. That’s the equivalent to the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden.

Following the success of our first project in the region, where 94% of households achieved healthy home status, we are expecting an even greater impact with Project 2. 

The Next Steps

To reach our objectives in Project 2, we see the need for the construction of 68 new tap stands.

Additionally, plans involve the drilling of a new borehole water source, and rehabilitating 2 existing boreholes and 10 hand-dug wells.

There are 9 primary schools in the area, necessitating the construction of 7 new latrine blocks and the rehabilitation of 7 existing latrine blocks at school facilities.
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The Need in Bensa

In Ethiopia, 13% of the population have access safely managed drinking water, only 7% have safe sanitation, and just 8% have access to basic hygiene*.

Bensa, a program area we began working with in October 2016, continues to be a cornerstone of our endeavors. Since its inception, 62,405 individuals have graduated from the Vision of a Healthy Village program.

With your help, we have completed projects in 12,718 households and 239 villages. Project 4 in Bensa targets a population of 24,467 individuals, intending to provide access to safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene to more families in the area. That’s more than 4x the population of Telluride, Colorado. 

The Next Steps

The objectives in Bensa include equipping 5 primary schools across three districts – Gonjobe, Denbi, and Hache – and one primary school in Murago (a legacy from Project 3) for sustainable access to adequate water supply, improved hygiene, and sanitation facilities.

Estimates indicate the necessity of constructing a solar-powered spring serving 9 villages, a gravity spring water system, establishing 4 water points at schools, constructing 7 new school latrine blocks, and supplying the area with a total of 23 wells – 17 new borehole wells, 2 shallow wells, and 4 hand-dug wells.
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How You Can Get Involved

We are appreciative of your support as we embark on these vital projects. Your contributions ensure the provision of safe water, improved sanitation, and hygiene practices for those in need. 

We are confident in achieving success in Shinyanga and Bensa. The journey ahead is life changing, and we rely on your support to transform it into reality.  

Here’s how you can help us: 

  • Donate: Your financial support is the key to the actualization of these transformative projects. A donation of only $60 results in one person receiving safe water and improved sanitation and hygiene for one year.
  • Spread the Word: Imagine the impact that can be felt if we all unite to educate those we know of how they can make a difference.
  • Get Involved: Organizing fundraising events in your community, enhancing the collective impact of our efforts.

     Together, we are constructing healthier, more sustainable communities. One project at a time.


Join us in making a lasting impact. 


*Source: WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP)


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