Wheels 4 Water Interview

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I sat down (albeit virtually) with my good friend Justin Ahrens of Rule29 to learn more about his Wheels4Water campaign benefiting Lifewater’s work in Northern Uganda.

You’re doing WHAT?

Rule29 and Wonderkind Studios will be riding from the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of Lake Michigan (1,000 miles) to raise $40,000 for Lifewater International’s work in Lira, Uganda. The money will go to help 1,000 people in Northern Uganda gain access to clean water and sanitation for life.

The big question – Why?

While we were rebranding Lifewater and learning more about the organization, I decided that we really needed to step it up and take it the extra mile. I traveled to Uganda to see the work that Lifewater had already begun and also saw the work that still needed to be done. That really solidified our desire to commit beyond what we do in our day to day business. So we created a team to spread the word, to advocate, to raise money, and to make it an event – to make this something that connected our communities halfway around the world.

What is the goal of your efforts?

To raise awareness of not only the water crisis but the unique way that Lifewater approaches it. Second, it’s to get a group of people working together to raise $40,000 and help 1,000 Ugandan brothers and sisters gain access to clean water and sanitation.

What has been the biggest surprise this far?

Everyone we talk to wants to be involved in some shape or form. People are willing to support us on a variety of levels (time, in kind, prayer, financially). It’s been incredibly humbling to see the compassion of our friends and associates when offered the opportunity to join us.

How many people are supporting the ride?

Outside of the core team of riders and supporters from R29 and Wonderkind, there are 18+ companies and over 100 individuals from all over the country.

What are you most nervous about (ride-related)?

As someone who is 42, I’m obviously a bit worried about how my body is going to respond to 14 days of 80+ miles a day. But I’m also excited for that challenge.

How can we support you?

Continue to do the work that you guys do; spread the word about the ride through your networks; pray. I want to keep all those involved informed of the impact this effort will create in Lira, Uganda.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking on a project that is ‘bigger than themselves’?

Something like this is never going to happen unless you actually take a step toward it. No one will give you permission – you just decide to do it. Sounds simple but that’s the hardest part of it all. Also, you experience something bigger than yourself at an entirely new level by pushing yourself beyond what you think is possible. You can accomplish more than you think. Taking these risks is something that we all need to do to really experience the presence of God. It reminds you that your dependence needs to be somewhere else and not on your own strength.

Please take a moment to visit to get involved today!

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