See what experts are saying about Lifewater

For over 40 years, Lifewater has worked alongside industry experts, pastors, and thought leaders to reach the most vulnerable people in the world with renewed hope and safe water. Discover why, again and again, they choose to partner with us.

“Lifewater provides a real way to live out our commitment to love like Jesus and make a lasting impact in the world.”

Billy Nolan
Director of Global Partnerships
North Point Ministries

“I am deeply encouraged by how Lifewater International has taken the principles in When Helping Hurts and applied them to create a relational, long-term, asset-based, Christian clean-water charity.”

Dr. Brian Fikkert
Founder & President of the Chalmers Center
Co-author of When Helping Hurts

“Lifewater blesses both the giver and receiver with the gift of clean water. We are confident that their work will have a life sustaining impact and be done well.”

Cary A. Paine
The Stewardship Foundation


“For over 40 years, Lifewater has been investing in local solutions… this results in impact and sustainability.”

Jena Nardella
Blood: Water Mission


“No matter how much food and health care is given to aid the poor in developing countries, it is simply a band-aid if they still drink contaminated water.”

Ted Yamamori
Former President
Food for the Hungry

“Stuff isn’t enough and Lifewater gets that. It is walking together, and Lifewater truly walks with the poor.”

Bryant Myers, PhD
Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary
Walking with the Poor

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