Big Data


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Tracking everything from households and villages to water points and sustainability for an all encompassing data system.

We conduct trend analysis using business intelligence tools to determine the efficacy of our efforts across large geographical regions.

Our data gathering technology offers unparalleled insight into the status of our projects. These real-time numbers result in informed decision making and the ability to quantify impact.

Impact in Real Time


A Data-Driven Approach to Trace Transformation

Data Gathering

Local leaders and field staff collect information from program households, villages, and schools and record that data on a mobile app (Akvo Flow).

Submit to Cloud

Information is uploaded to a cloud-based system, allowing Lifewater staff to analyze programs in real time and make adjustments as needed (Microsoft Azure).

Trend Analysis

Millions of new data points are turned into trend analysis and meaningful information. This information is used to determine program modifications in real time.

HQ, Field Staff Communication

Shared data via our business analytics program is used to help staff communicate and problem-solve across the globe. Field staff and headquarters staff review data weekly, monthly, and annually to encourage learning and reflection.


Explore Our Interactive Maps


View live progress in each country where we work. Explore new safe water sources, Healthy Homes, Healthy Schools, and follow along as entire communities are transformed.


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Big Data Helps Small Villages Thrive

Big data and analytics provide greater insight into the efficacy of your giving.


  • Field and financial data are available to the public on our website.

  • Interactive map experience provides insight for stakeholders and staff on how community growth is happening geographically.

  • Donor reporting (via email and personal contact) offers insider access to progress on sponsored projects.

  • Data-driven decision making increases program efficiency and success.

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