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Steve Hall
Professional with expertise in this field
October 25, 2017

“I highly recommend supporting Lifewater International. They believe that every underserved child and family should have the opportunity to drink safe water and to live free of water-borne diseases, and that anything less is a grave injustice. By supporting the work of Lifewater you can provide more water to vulnerable children and families than you ever thought possible.

As a long time employee of a nonprofit that has collaborated with them on dozens of water and sanitation projects in Ethiopia and Cambodia, I can attest to the dedication and impact of their work. Lifewater International continues to be a valuable partner to us and we hope to continue including them in our program for many years to come!”



Chris & Sarah McCabe
August 31, 2017

“Lifewater. The word speaks literally to life giving water that the folks that Lifewater serves in Africa and Cambodia. But I believe in an even more important “deeper” sense, Lifewater is the thirst quenching water of life from our savior Jesus Christ. Not only does this company provide physical life sustaining water, but also spiritual water by the Churches they plant in each community they serve. My wife and I were fortunate enough to find Lifewater after searching and searching online and through other avenues for an international Christian Based water project. We did a detailed evaluation of the service that is provided and instantly contacted them for more details. Theyre willingness to travel to us and present was amazing.

I could write for hours about them, the service and impact they provide, but just looking at the annual reports and financials, its very evident that they get projects completed and spread the word of Jesus over the world. We have engaged our church to support lifewater and we personally support them as well. Lifewaters’ mission of providing clean water and healthy communities is evident in their work. We love supporting them and look forward to many years of partnership with them.”




Greg Poirer
October 08, 2017

In February 2017 I had the amazing opportunity to visit Uganda to observe firsthand Lifewater in-country staff serving their rural schools and communities. I was overwhelmed and deeply blessed witnessing their godly commitment and love to minister to all in Jesus’ name.

House-by-house the Lifewater teams labors to ensure each resident is trained and certified in the simple but effective use of clean water, sanitary latrines, and practical hygiene for life’s daily needs. And they are seeing and documenting a profound change for the better. Through regular follow-ups, they meticulously track reductions in disease and illness for publishing to the World Health Organization. And apparently, the WHO is duly impressed by their results in comparison with other NGO hygiene programs.

So in conclusion, please prayerfully consider partnering with Lifewater. Lifewater welcomes your questions, and will even provide opportunity for your to become personally involved in bringing clean water and hygiene to some of the world’s most at-risk communities.




Benjamin T.
January 26, 2018

I have been a volunteer with Lifewater for over a year and I am continually impressed by their work. Lifewater is dedicated to bringing sustainable whole life health to those who need it most. Through their healthy village model, Lifewater has been successful at providing clean water, healthy sanitation practices and hygiene education resulting in lasting change for the whole community. I have witnessed first hand the staff’s heart for those they serve and their dedication to financial transparency and careful stewardship. I highly recommend supporting Lifewater.”




September 13, 2017

“These guys are pros. Water development has been a passion of mine for years and I supported various organizations before being introduced to Lifewater. Compared with any other water-focused NGO with which I’m familiar, Lifewater’s vision, heart, programs, processes and follow-up are superior, and the results speak volumes. The team is passionate and talented, and the impacts are significant and sustained. I’m blessed to engage with them in such meaningful and impactful work.



Donor and Volunteer
February 15, 2018

Lifewater has exceeded all of my expectations! In the past, I have volunteered for Lifewater and I have been an attendee at an event. Each encounter I have with them, I am so inspired by their passions to serve and help better the world. It is apparent that each member of their team supports and pours their hearts into Lifewater’s mission to end the water and sanitation crisis. Through education, accountability, and acknowledgment of each individual’s role in the community, Lifewater has truly blessed the world with their approach.

My experience as a volunteer was also very meaningful. I was able to engage with the local community, young and old, to educate them about Lifewater’s mission. At our booth, we had a jug in order to bring to life the struggle that exists for people in third world countries to get to a water source. The ability to provide such insight to them was very impactful. On top of that, working with people that want to serve and make a lasting imprint on the world for generations to come is amazing.



Jennifer R.
January 25, 2018

“Lifewater makes a difference in the lives of others with authenticity and excellence. Providing clean, healthy water to people is valuable in itself. Lifewater’s vision goes beyond that, providing a holistic model that meets the health and wellness needs of every person it serves. Every interaction with this organization is positive. I am continually impressed with the level of care and detail that goes into everything they do.



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