Bill Ashe

Many years ago, a small business owner named Bill Ashe felt called to help the poor with what he had – some time, some friends, and a skill. He took his knowledge of pumps and some like-minded people to Mexico to help orphans get safe water. He kept going back, and brought more friends. Over the years, he and his friends gained more skills, made more friends, and started going to many places. Today, from the initial works of this man, Lifewater has helped over 2 million people in over 40 countries get safe water. In over 35 years of this work, we’ve learned a lot, but we still hold on to the driving force that Bill held in those first days – Christians helping the rural poor get safe water and improved health.

We’ll let Bill tell you why he’s in this work. What’s your story?

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Bill Ashe from Lifewater International on Vimeo.

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