CDs, IRAs and More: Non-Cash Gifts That Make a Lasting Impact

There are many ways to provide financial support for the causes you care about. In fact, many non-cash gifts have tax benefits, too.

CDs and IRAs are fairly common financial tools that many seniors own. But did you know you can turn them into life income gifts that provide a financial return for you and provide needed support for ministries like Lifewater?

CD Coming Due? Consider a Charitable Option Instead

Many seniors invest in CDs because of the fixed income they provide. However, life income gifts usually result in higher annual payments than CDs. Plus, they allow you to bless the ongoing work of ministries you care about.

For example, a couple ages 72 and 73 that gives $25,000 could receive fixed quarterly payments of $1,200 for the rest of their lives!*

You can give cash or other property, and you will receive steady income for the rest of your life (or a designated number of years). The remainder of your gift will further Lifewater’s mission. What’s more, you will receive a charitable deduction for a portion of your gift and part of your payments will come to you tax-free.

How much would your payments be? Contact a representative today for a free, personalized, no-obligation illustration.

Blessing Lifewater Through Your IRA

Many generous seniors bless the ministry of Lifewater by giving directly from their individual retirement accounts. For those who qualify, IRA gifts offer a convenient, cost-effective and powerful way to provide clean water, improved health, and the hope of Christ to the world.

If you are at least 70 ½ years old, you can give up to $100,000 from your IRA (or $200,000 for couples) to Lifewater and receive significant tax benefits in return.

Any gifts from your IRA…

  • allow you to give in a substantial way without affecting your cash flow,
  • reduce your taxable income (whether or not you itemize!),
  • can be used to fulfill any charitable pledges you’ve made, AND
  • will fulfill all or part of your required minimum distributions.

Is giving from your IRA the right solution for you? To learn more about this and other smart and powerful giving options, contact a representative today.

Gift in the form of CD's, IRA's, Real Estate, and more
Lifewater Legacy Society members make long-term impact possible.


Join the Lifewater Legacy Society

Giving is meant to be a joyful experience, one that shows you the impact you can make possible and one that brings the Kingdom closer to earth.

That’s why we’ve created the Lifewater Legacy Society, a special group of committed donors who have chosen to give generously to Lifewater while honoring and caring for their families. Legacy Society members have chosen to make a planned gift in their will (or other legacy gift), sending a powerful message about their legacy of generosity.

Legacy Society members Jeff and Sharon of California said, “We have found a real peace of mind and sense of satisfaction knowing the resources God has given us will continue to work for His Kingdom through the vital future ministry of Lifewater.”


To learn more about the Lifewater Legacy Society, visit our webpage to be contacted personally by a representative.

* Based on January 2020 charitable gift annuity rates. Subject to change.

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