CEO Update: Q3 2017 Impact Report

Grace and peace to you! I just got back this week from an incredibly productive, life-giving meeting with the Lifewater Board of Directors in the mountains of Arizona. We are blessed with a faithful and wise group of men and women who care deeply about serving more people, more effectively.

One of the things that makes Lifewater unique is our relentless commitment to lasting results. At the board meeting, we had great discussion on how we’re monitoring sustainability to deliver those results. Our front-line workers and headquarters staff work really hard to track progress for every village and school project on a daily basis: how many new healthy homes, the status of construction, ongoing well monitoring, and more. Each data point provides actionable information to help us improve.

Mapping & Project Visualization Tools

We update our website every Friday with new data points for each project. But now, we’re taking it a step further, creating robust mapping and visualization tools so you can actually see the impact that is taking place.

This map features healthy home and water point information from our Kaliro, Uganda program. Click on the dots and you’ll see photos of actual healthy homes and wells!

We’re still refining these maps, and we hope to have them available on our website next spring. If there is other information you think should be included, please send me a note and we’ll take it under consideration.

Lifewater Results for September | Year To Date (YTD)

  • 91,413 people participating in Lifewater programming across the world
  • 799 Healthy Homes | 6,182 YTD (you can see a small sampling of the healthy homes in the map above – you can even see the families)
  • Completed 6 village water projects | 125 completed YTD
  • Completed 1 school water project | 19 completed YTD
  • Verified 3 Healthy Villages | 77 verified YTD
  • 47 active church planters working alongside Lifewater field staff in program regions

My Favorite Stories of the Quarter

I hope you’re inspired by the change that is happening in the places we serve…I know I am. None of the great work above happens without the grace of God and the generous support of His people. Thank you for helping make it happen!

– Justin

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