Giving Monthly: How Giving Faithfully Blessed One Family

Carly Head remembers making the decision to give monthly after reading the story of a young girl who dropped out of school because of lack of safe water and bathrooms. At the time, Carly was working in education, and the story hit her hard.

“I started to tear up,” she recalled. “It just broke my heart [because this is] something we can prevent.. we can get clean bathrooms, and we can get hygiene and sanitation for these kids in other parts of the world.”

It was at that moment that the mother of two decided that giving faithfully was something she, her husband, Scott, and the kids would do together.

Carly and Scott began giving monthly with Lifewater three years ago. The couple lives in California with their twin boys, Jake and Luke.

“We give because we’ve been given so much,” Carly said.

Together, Carly and Scott are teaching their sons what it looks like to give generously and faithfully.

“It’s about teaching them the excitement of giving to a cause that’s beyond them,” she said. “Hopefully, they grow up giving out of abundance because they know how much they’re been given.”

With the Head’s monthly giving, they’re able to reach communities in urgent need. And because monthly gifts are an easy, one-time set up, Lifewater saves on in-house costs, so more of their gift goes directly to constructing lasting safe water sources for those in need.

Scott and Carly love going online with their sons to look at pictures of the villages they’re serving. Having the ability to do so has been a blessing.

“That’s the other thing for me as a parent, is helping to teach them what the world looks like, and it’s different,” she said. “And God’s designed it that way, and we all have a part.”

“My heart is aligned with Lifewater,” Carly added. “We’ve gotten to hear about lives transformed.”

You can join Carly, Scott, Luke and Jake in giving monthly! With every gift of safe water, you become an answer to prayer for mothers in Uganda, Cambodia, and Ethiopia. You’re able to celebrate change every month!


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