Uganda Water Crisis in Kaliro is a Reality

Uganda Water Crisis: Kaliro is Ready for Change

“As I drove up and visited this water source in Kaliro for the first time, there were children and families in here gathering water for their homes for drinking. Now it’s full of animals, it’s contaminated, it’s actually really hard to watch,” says Justin Narducci in the video below.


Justin Narducci, Lifewater’s CEO and President, traveled to Kaliro, Uganda earlier this year to pray about starting work in this area. What he found was a reality where children were sharing water sources with animals and walking long distances for water. Toilets at schools were sickening (if they existed at all), and water-borne diseases were prevalent. It is far away from any metropolitan areas in Uganda, which means that to get there you have to walk off of the nearest public road for four hours. Because it’s so far away, the government cannot help these communities to get access to clean water.

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