Lifewater Launches Interactive Map Experience

SAN LUIS OBISPO (June 6, 2018)- Since the inception of Lifewater’s “Vision of a Healthy Village” (VHV) initiative in 2015, tracking progress through detailed data-gathering technology has been a critical component of their vision to end the global water crisis.

Today, these hundreds of thousands of data points provide an insider’s look at each Healthy Home, Healthy School, Healthy Village, and completed village water project. The map experience gives context to the scope of the nonprofit’s reach and the many places where the message of Christ and a cup of clean water are still desperately needed.

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“At Lifewater, we are committed to tracing the transformation that is happening across the world – so you know your gift is making a real impact,” explains Lifewater President/CEO Justin Narducci.

The interactive map experience is an extension of Lifewater’s promise of transparency and the result of their urgent mission to make the need known across the globe. This GPS-powered system allows users to view actual photos of confirmed Healthy Homes, see before and after images of water sources and navigate throughout entire regions. In short, the system gives unparalleled insight into the impact of donor gifts.

Building on the shoulders of Lifewater’s 41-year legacy, VHV’s integrated approach to sustainable change has helped more than 117,000 vulnerable people. It is an innovative approach to meeting God’s call, and the results are now at the fingertips of its website visitors.

With the launch of real-time field updates, everyone has the opportunity to witness the tangible change created by the generous contributions of prayer, funding, and volunteer service.

“For those stakeholders who invest in this work, they can come to our site… celebrate the successes and pray for the challenges along the way. The democratization of information — at both the grassroots and at the boardroom — is the heart behind what we are doing,” says Narducci.

In the months to come, Lifewater will roll out even more material to allow sponsors to choose a water project that they are compelled to sponsor. Visitors will be able to read real stories of impact, sponsor a water project directly from the map, and much more.

Access the interactive map experience here.

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