One Village at a Time: Lifewater’s FY 2016 Annual Report

For nearly 40 years, Lifewater has served vulnerable children and families in distress with the most basic gift of safe water and sanitation. Here’s what we accomplished last year.


A special message from our President/CEO:

Greetings from East Africa! I write this letter, not from the comfortable confines of our office in California, but from the dusty and forgotten back roads of eastern Uganda—where vulnerable children and families fetch their water from natural springs shared with cows and donkeys.

This is what life is really like for people living in the rural parts of Uganda as seen in the above annual report. I pray we did them justice in the pages above this letter.

The fiscal year for Lifewater International runs between April–March, therefore, this annual report relates to the financial activity of our organization through March 2016. The financial information provided herein was audited by an independent external auditor as is our annual process. These statements are available for you to review on our website.

Though it often goes understood but unsaid, the outcomes and achievements that we celebrate in this beautiful report are borne through the tremendous perseverance and patience of Lifewater staff who serve around the globe in a disciplined and dedicated manner. Walking step by step with some of the world’s poorest people, our staff incarnate the King himself—a friend to the poor and marginalized.

In closing, please allow me to thank you. Thank you for allowing Yeshi in Ethiopia to teach about hygiene, house to house. Thank you for letting Brian in Uganda repair broken water sources that can be brought back to life. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to love and serve those in the margins—who are so desperate for a bit of good news. None of this happens without you.

Thank you!

Sincerely in Christ,
Justin Narducci
President/Chief Executive Officer

Choose a Village. Change a Life.