Partnership with Africa Renewal University Advances Gospel Hope in Every Village

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA., Jan. 2, 2019— Beginning immediately, Lifewater International will partner with Africa Renewal University to facilitate internships, outreach trips, and long-term church planting alliances with students of the prestigious university in Uganda.

Christ-centered work is first among Lifewater’s core values. Compelled by the great commission to serve with great compassion, the nonprofit exists to serve the world’s most marginalized communities.

According to their mission statement, Africa Renewal University (AfRU) is committed to developing “a new generation of Christian leaders whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of Scripture, impassioned love for God, and faithful service to the nations as the body of Christ.”

With 14 bachelor programs and 545 students from 9 different countries, the student body is a diverse group of young leaders seeking to restore hope and Christ-centered guidance to the continent of Africa.

Dennis Kilama, Pastor, University Professor, and Deputy Vice President of Africa Renewal University said, “Africa is very communal, you know, ‘I am because everybody is,’ and safe water provides… a place where everyone can gather around.”

Kilama described village water sources as places where AfRU students can point to God as the source of many blessings, develop relationships, and disciple rural villages.

“I have a vision of the church at the heart of community as a whole; that is at all levels, from the very least child in the community to the oldest grandmother, from the least educated to the government officials who control these societies,” he said. “Everybody can be reached through bringing water physically and bringing living water which is Christ Jesus.”

Lifewater is committed to ending the global water and sanitation crisis, creating sustainable change, empowering communities, and raising up Christ-centered leaders who address the problem of poverty at its roots.

“Christians should be the ones loving and serving in their communities; this is the greatest commandment of Christ, to love our neighbor as ourself,” Lifewater President/CEO Justin Narducci said. “Our partnership with Africa Renewal University is a vital step in empowering every village we work with to know the love of Christ and become difference-makers in their communities.”

Lifewater and AfRU are currently working on plans for long-term church planting partnerships that will bring about generations of transformation in rural Uganda.

“Our prayer is that we would be in every district where Lifewater is and that there will be many lives changed,” Vice President Kilama said.

Choose a Village. Change a Life.