Pray for Drought Stricken Southeast Asia

The drought situation has become increasingly acute in Southeast Asia.

For the past few months, Lifewater staff in Cambodia have been monitoring the severity of a significant drought that is impacting rural Cambodians and the neighboring countries (Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and the Yunnan Province of China). This broad geographic area is home to more than 250 million people. The families and children that live in the rural communities within this region are largely dependent upon water for their most basic economic and health needs.

The drought situation has become increasingly acute and I’m humbly requesting that you join Lifewater staff and Board of Directors in praying for this drought to subside quickly. Please also pray for our expanding work in the region: to provide long-term solutions that help to prevent water insecurity for future generations.

Below is an excerpt from our staff in the field. Please do take a moment to read these words, and to petition our King on behalf of the millions of vulnerable children and families that are becoming even more vulnerable because of this drought.

May usually marks the end of Cambodia’s dry season as ponds turn to cracked earth and rice farmers scan the skies waiting for rain. This year is even more difficult as Cambodia experiences a sweltering heat wave and the combined effects of two years of El Nino-induced drought. It is affecting 18 of 25 provinces, where 2.5 million people face severe water shortages. Lifewater’s program area in Siem Reap Province is no different; 6 of 12 villages are in crisis.

In Trawpeang Ktas, the community and school wells have gone dry and the pond has dried up. Children are missing school and experiencing symptoms of dehydration as their families struggle to cope. Local officials estimate that 90 percent of the crops planted so far this year have died. Local water sellers are a temporary stopgap for basic needs, but even they are having trouble finding water to deliver to villages; families are paying double price for the privilege of a week’s worth of untreated water.

The district governor shared with Lifewater that already people in a neighboring village have migrated as their lifeline of water ran out; he fears the drought may also push out people living in Lifewater’s program area. Lifewater is seeking ways to respond with Christ’s compassion to this unprecedented crisis, and we will be helping three most-affected villages construct ponds to collect and store water once the rains begin. Please pray with us for rain and relief in these drought-stricken communities.

Thank you for praying with us today.  If you are a visual person, don’t miss these images from the region.


This post is derived from a personal prayer letter sent on a monthly basis from Lifewater’s President and CEO, Justin Narducci. 


Photo credit: Lauren DeCicca / Getty Images

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