Safe Water and Hope in Uganda: “The water has changed everything.”

In the two years since Jenina’s village of Kukundwa received a safe water point, everyone’s lives have improved drastically.

“We shared the old water point with goats, cows, and all kinds of animals,” Jenina said. “This made us feel that we were not human beings.”

But today in Kukundwa village, safe water and sanitation education have drastically lowered infant mortality and are keeping many eager young students in school. Parents have more time and energy for farming and entrepreneurship, which allows them to save and plan for the future.

“The water has changed everything,” smiled Jenina. “People in the community are living longer, healthier, more productive lives and have more time to work, play, and just be together.”

Many of Jenina’s neighbors in Kukundwa have become more active participants in their community and their church since safe water has transformed their lives.

“We have prayed and fasted as a community for clean, safe water,” said Jenina. “I believe Lifewater’s arrival in this community is a testament to our faith in prayer.”

With safe water and sanitation training lives change completely, both their current circumstances and their future trajectories. Now, Jenina and her family can anticipate lives of improved health and opportunity!

Choose a Village. Change a Life.