Water is God’s Provision

If you take a moment to reflect and pray this morning, think about this one simple truth: water is a sign of God’s provision and care for his people.

It seems so simple, but I was reminded of this truth as I read through Exodus 17. In that passage, Moses is again frustrated with the Israelites and even laments to God, “What am I to do with these people?”

They were thirsty and unsatisfied in the place that Moses had led them. God tells Moses to take his staff and to hit a rock. He obeys and water flowed from the rock and quenched the thirst of the nation. The water was a sign that God still cared for his people, displayed through the obedience of his servant, Moses.

If you have grown up in the church this is a story you’ve heard before, and maybe we lost our amazement at the fact that water flowed out of a dry rock, but it was a powerful provision and sign for the real people who were thirsty that day – God cares for them and shows it through his obedient servants and the gift of water.

Much like the Israelites did many years ago, many people cry out to God, even today, for water – to know that he still cares for them. Today as we remember his love for us, may we pause to pray and ask that many more would come to know the love and care of God through the gift of water.

Sincerely Grateful,

Justin Narducci
Chief Executive Officer
Lifewater International

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